what entrepreneur is all about!

mistake of entrepreneur

what is an entrepreneur?

                  Every entrepreneur is a unique personality and unique thinking compared to others. that’s the meaning of entrepreneur not living their normal life. entrepreneur think out of the box and this is the main factor to be a good entrepreneur?
                    Nowadays many peoples are told that they are doing business they are entrepreneurs, some people are also trying to be famous adviser about entrepreneurship.but no one tells you who is a real entrepreneur. an entrepreneur is a journey that holds too many feeling to many hard works, smart work and also a compromise with their normal life.

 mistakes of the entrepreneur.


mistake of entrepreneur
forgetting to see things from the perspective of the investor and critically challenge the work. I think that very natural there
which is also can be easily fixed.
in the business, some type of people do large investment which is also a mistake with a large amount of investment also getting your investor in the risk what we want to do?
learn all the things about your business such as.
1 ) business model
2 ) unique idea
3 ) competition analysis
4)  be the first to implement the idea
5) learn to drive traffic
6 ) stay unsatisfied about your result is hungry to be perfect for your business techniques.
There is also too many entrepreneurs who have investors and some entrepreneurs doing with there own investment.
first, go with free tools for your business use
* facebook pixel
* google analytics
* google trend
* facebook insights
* instagram
* ahref ( paid tool )
                 this tools can boost your business by 200%
I can say it in an easy way be updated with the world that is the key think out of the box. these tools have a close attachment for entrepreneurs. the mistake is a 100 door negativity and you want to find the key for every door one by one.
                 when you open doors one by one you learn something new tactics to find next door key. this is a simple hack to be an entrepreneur.


1) Business Model

2) Unique Idea

3) Competition Analysis


1) Business Model
a business model is a company revenue model. the business model is known as the revenue model of the company. serving the best service,support, and quality of the product is what you serve to people. sometimes this is costly for startups but still,
                 they make a profit through some advertising. big companies do everything for profit because big companies have investors and technique and experience about market situation behavior.
                never matter what business you do. customers satisfaction was most important because of them you make money and respect also every business has their business model.

2) Unique Idea
everyone does not do business and something new because of lack of confidence  and week ideas about what they think same like other. ( people need  ) people want something new every time millions of people searching for the different thing on the internet every day and but the fact is that thing not available on the internet or out of the internet.
                          this is a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs because when common people think this is not possible provide that service to that people and start your new idea into reality.
this is a good startup for you as an entrepreneur with a big risk  but running in the long race make you stable for risks and fails and success.
entrepreneurs  risk  +  fails  =  success.
create a game-changing way that makes you different from others.

3) Competition Analysis
Do not think that your competitor is the week. because of your competitor also a good businessmen  just search about what they are doing for success and their product . there are tools who allow you to search analysis about competition for website, ranking.
for other analysis like store and etc. you have to find for search analysis techniques.


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