How To Survive Without A Job


How To Survive Without A Job


What Is A serious Meaning Of A Job?

What Is A severe Meaning Of A Job?
Job not only means one boss or their employee, the position means Cycle of a particular function, and you are main function or software in simple language brain of that function. But the Difference is If one employee is not happy with their job so you can resign from that job and go for a new one.
Think about it it’s pure cycle sometimes we have good knowledge, but on that stream, you can’t go longer and Sometime dump people on the top of your dream job. job means Responsibility, time to time duty according to their position and Task given By their Seniors.that’s It. This is Job.
Some people try best and achieve the goal of their dreams in a job but they not satisfied with the job they have many awards given by their boss and boss can’t give him a tension free sleep.this is your best thing for How To Survive Without A Job.

Today we talk about how to live without a job.
The world is a powerful Network, and also peoples are doing Teamwork. for some people a job is not everything
but a significant number of people are doing the job because of income security. But I must say that saving is not essential for dreamers it’s for some college student and for Very poorest people I already told about saving method for the student in youth mistake and their solution
it’s not necessary every dreamer are doing the job for their dreams.
Who does not like the job this person can apply this method because of its 21st century. everyone is educated
so I want to say try this one time.


 1) Blogging

In blogging history first blog created by Justin Hall. He also a Student and he even doesn’t it become a very effective method for fulfilling dream travel enjoy and get paid for that thing publish through a blog.
Now blogging it’s a most extended network for bloggers. Everyone can start a blogging share their business, travel stories, affiliates, and earn money through it.
This is your best thing for How To Survive Without A Job.


   2) small Business



Start Your Small Business with Family. In the USA people are doing So many Small businesses like  (  Ice Cream parlour,Street Food van, Hot Dogs and small bar etc.)
In India, peoples are Doing Small Business like ( vada pav,ice cream,bhel, panipuri, etc. )
You can start an estate agency and affiliate programs.

Nowadays was famous for a small job. You can Post an Ad that you can do whenever want to work at a given time if you want. Fiverr is for everyone and to start up your small business like video animation, logo etc.
You can start your unique idea without fear. You can do everything once you decide to stay connected and stay motivated about Your Dream and Your Idea. Money is the only need for life in the world.
This is your best thing for How To Survive Without A Job.


3) YouTube


I think i’m a fool because i’m talking about YouTube. Because Everyone can know to youtube even small kids to oldest people and here everyone is a star. Youtube Are creating and Finding Legend In You and Share To everyone even they paying you for Great knowledge and connecting to a Large number of people and giving them a Fully help strong knowledge.


In Youtube U also can start and create your channel and vlog’s it is the same as blogging.
you can be a life lesson teacher
You can do anything that you want to share. Because some people wish to in-depth knowledge and you provide via, so you are creating own network through subscribers.
For that youtube paying you money as a reword .this is your best thing for How To Survive Without A Job.

   4) Rent your Home


Rent Your Home For Some Extra Money. This is the best trick for the easy money to do nothing. Some student wants a home in a particular location because they can’t afford a hotel or a hostel. Student sometimes comes for their studies in other countries.
You can rent Your home for student and couple also for some time.

this is your best thing for How To Survive Without A Job.easy money you got from the renting a home like 200-300 Dollars for a month.


  5) Think and Apply Don’t Think for Particular time


We are humans an intelligent human being. Just think and start don’t think about time do your best.
Try something new start your things. Don’t think about what people say.

Think Big Do Big success is Yours.
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