Can Motivation Work Against You ?( 6 Step )


Can Motivation Work Against You ?


Globally every person wants to build their personality. ( motivation )
Motivation is not enough for every people. People want life hacks that work for them.
I thought every people are experts on their own work and we can’t beat them on their specialty. Before doing practices
we have a mind
we have thoughts,
we have a dream,
we have a habit,
we know that we are experts.
But we Don’t have time think for our self.
In a particular age, we do everything that makes our self happy, but these things work for small time zone.
What about life?
the student thinks about life but they work first on personality development.
The first step is same not only for students but also for some failure people who failed several time on their journey.
the journey of personal development.

( motivation )     –>

Run a campaign for yourself to boost own thoughts.
wasting time



1) Thinking


Thinking not only a word it is a process of doing something different from others in our way. The thinking is power for doing something different as compared to others idea but this depends on how you will implement it into to a reality. We are expert as well as less motivated. But we have considerable power.
I’m not sure but every person have bigger dreams but they failed every time For some reasons, they give up and again go to their normal freaking life.
Observe successful persons, they are experts at what they do, they don’t ask for their mistakes every time Because they know the circle to get succeed. This kind of also have
too many questions they ask about their query, but they told their emotion to who already have a successful life and surfing from the same circle.
some people are too lucky as rich kids. they just think and do it. I told you about thinking is power to build our pathway but listening bad thinking ideas spoil our life. In progressing time every persons have lots of ideas, they also doing well with their ideas and peoples also support them. They think and implement their ideas but how they can do it. the first step is to create a Schedule .


2) Schedule


Schedule your Idea. Now Think about your dream structure and imagine it in your mind, take a full day think about what possibilities to Do it and how to do it.
Make a schedule step by step.
“Schedule = Habit.”
Just thinks and make a schedule just like calendar so that you can follow it as your daily routine and convert it into your habit.
This is the first step. many people schedule their daily routine but they are unable to follow it  and they failed to convert it into the habit.
Some people give up while some successfully convert daily routine into habit but they also get some problems while working on it every time. as they don’t give up is key to be successful.
( Example:- I’ll be straight to the point.
A Blogger = Blogger has the power to think differently every time and every second. But some time
they stuck and after they don’t write blogs. Some people come here to make money But some of theme are here to spread different ideas and their knowledge about the idea. they  he;p different kinds of people with their knowledge but some blogger failed to do this and give up. )


3) Run a campaign for yourself


Whenever you thought less about your schedule and  more about future You get negativity in your mind. this is the biggest failure when you get negativity in your mind again and again.
first, family reason it’s not a reason to quit your dream.  you need to keep in mind that everyone id not like you and they don’t have the same dream and implementation technique like you.
Just don’t think about reason that stops you.
Reward yourself whenever you got a little bit of success. Run a campaign of yourself like Smile everywhere, respects everyone and one-day at least one person appreciate you for your personality.
That’s it, Then you realize that is the right way what you are doing of your self.


4) Commitment

Commitment is Essential part of your dream. When you make your own schedule or plan, then you have to commit yourself that  your not going to give up until you reaches to your goal.
You can write it in a book and read it before sleep. Just like both.

5) Failure

Lack of Success means failure, but what is this if anyone tries to do something and fail to do it. Main Reason is lack of confidence.
Every successful person said that failure means 90% success of your dream. We learn when we fail.
Accept failure to build your mind power to think a differently  to achieve your dream.

6) Wasting Time

Are You Wasting Time! That’s Not Good. You think you are the one who wastes a too much time while other people are making $100,0000
Dollars on That time. You think you have time to make money or something you believe to be perfect. it’s not like that
just experience everything and told yourself what you are doing and what successful people are doing.
this is the main reasons to be a success in every stream.
“Dream Big Work Hard”
I’ll do it easy for you ” Dream Big + Work Smart With Hard Thinking + Gain Everything + Do it Don’t think for it + Repeat = Success “

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