17 Mistake Everyone Make In Their First Relationship


First relationship 17 Mistake Everyone Make In Their First Relationship Are You Doing same Mistake ?

1) Being Shallow And Not Accepting Things.

If you are in a Relation then why are u shy in front of your partner. Nowadays every partner wants brave and freely talking partner to avoid this kind of mistake in the first relationship.17 Mistake Everyone Make In Their First Relationship


2)Sacrificing Self Little Things that make you happy when you alone and Spending this time with partner.

Don’t Sacrifice That thing that makes you happy.17 Mistake Everyone Make In Their First Relationship

3)Thinking about It Your partner Only for You and Not For Everyone( Friends,Relatives,etc)


Don’t Think about that thing that Your partner doesn’t like.

4) Continue The Relationship Even They Don’t Have No More Feelings.


Simply At this time let him go and break up.If he or she has a strong feeling, your partner will come back to you.


5)Ending Relationship For A small Reasons

Breaking Of it is not a Solution you have to discuss the problem and solve the problem..


6)Not Discussing Main Problems And Anything Until It Become A Big Problems.

you have to discuss the problem and solve the problem.


7)Compare Relationship With Others.

Don’t Try this and don’t think until it turns into a big problem.


8)Ignoring  Your Friends Because Of Relationship.

Friends=Friends there is no way to ignore your Friends. Friends mean Lifetime Gold storage of Heart..


9) Trying To Control Everything.

Discuss small Problem. That not mean you have any rights to take their decision.


10)Being Possessive About Your Partner.

Don’t Be possessive let him or she do anything that he/she wants.


11) Sometime Depending On Each Other.

If you are in a relationship that not mean that your partner spending all your thing. the gift is ok sometimes but not for every time depend on your partner.


12) Shouting On Any Place.

When you are Angry then why you showing up to the public. Be quiet at that time.

13) After Everything is Good Then Sometime You Not Respecting And Not Caring About Him/Her Because OF Ego That your partner Only With You And They Don’t Have Any  option.

From My Point of View, This is wrong. You are in the Dream that your Partner Don’t have an option.


14)  Deciding Without Your Partner About Relationship Needs.

You both have to discuss about that and take a decision.

15)  Dragging Relationship Like A Time Pass. Without Thinking about Their Parents Or self Respect.

If you don’t want to stay more with your partner then breakup with your partner.


i thought the 90% of Couples Hide their Relation with parent because of fear.


17 )  Not hearing When Your Partner Say Something To you.



Sometime Girls Talk Too much and Boyfriend only showing up their Smile and just saying ( Hmm, Ohk,ahaa,ohh crap, Really ) i suggest you to listen to your partner that feel your partner comfortable.





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